Thursday, February 16, 2012

All the music on Bluetooth stereo in the living room

For easy listening on the Hi-Fi connection to digital music stored on the computer,smartphone or tablet, Advance Acoustic offers a small Bluetooth module: the WTX-500.
In line with the Apple Airport Express terminal (which itself operates via WiFi)so here is the WTX-500 Advance Acoustic.
Bluetooth module to connect to an analog RCA input of the amplifier or stereo system(and connected to the mainswhich allows for easy listening music smartphonetabletPC or laptopwireless, Bluetooth .
It uses the apt-X does not really supposed to degrade the audio qualityWhat is interesting for those who have their music library in FLAC filesor Apple Lossless PCM.As for MP3 and AAC files with a throughput of less than 350 kb / sthey are transmitted without transcodingTheir "quality" is preserved.
A small module practical, easy to install and compatible with all Bluetooth enabled devices.
The price99 eurosWhat remains more expensive than the Airport Express terminal